my name is James Kan and this is my life

About Me

Name's James. Currently I am a working pharmacist, but I have a strong interest in programming and database administration.


  • 2006

    National Certificates of Educational Achievement (NCEA)

    I achieved Excellence in NCEA Level 3 at Howick College, having taken the subjects English, Mathematics with Calculus, Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

  • 2007

    Bachelor of Pharmacy (upper second-class honours)

    I studied at The University of Auckland. For my elective subject, I pursued the Introduction to Computer Science paper and achieved an A+

  • 2014

    Graduate Diploma in IT (anticipate)

    Stemming from my interest in HTML and CSS coding, I have enrolled at Eastern Institute of Technology in Hawkes Bay to seriously pursue programming and database administration (exposure to date include Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server). Having completed six papers so far, my result is a straight A+.


Howick College
2006 - 2007
Ingham House Webmaster
I was the webmaster for the Ingham house, whereby I played a role in re-designing all the web pages and updating the website on a regular basis.
University of Auckland
2007 - 2009
UALUG Webmaster
During the two-year tenure, I was the web designer and the webmaster for the University of Auckland Linux User Group website. My responsibility was to update the web pages as required.
University of Auckland
2008 - 2009
Summer Research Student
My summer studentship research involved a project at the University of Auckland, in which the susceptibility of enlisted patients to glaucoma was investigated based on their genetic makeup. Findings were presented and accepted by the Department of Ophthalmology at the University.
School of Pharmacy
APSA Webmaster
I established the new Auckland Pharmacy Students' Association (APSA) website in 2009 and was subsequently appointed as the association's webmaster. The major roles I undertook included website administration, liaison with the publication managers, and troubleshooting of technical issues that the association faced.
University of Auckland
2009 - 2010
Summer Research Student
I worked on a summer studentship research project at the University of Auckland. The objective was to investigate the risk of prostate cancer based on the patients’ genetic makeup and dietary intake. Findings were submitted to Discipline of Nutrition and Cancer Society of New Zealand at the University and presented at Nutrigenomics international conference.
New Zealand
2009 - Present
NZCRS Webmaster
I am currently the webmaster of the New Zealand Controlled Release Society Local Chapter (NZCRS) website, whereby I ensure the web pages are up-to-date with the latest content. This includes upcoming NZCRS workshops, notices, and minutes from meetings.

At present, I am upgrading the website to ensure compliance with mobile view.
Grafton Hostel
Computer Technician
I worked as a part-time computer technician at Grafton Halls of Residence in Auckland. My responsibilities included troubleshooting computer and network problems. I enjoyed the challenges this brings and the opportunity to work with a variety of people.
Sunshine Pharmacy
2010 - 2012
Online Pharmacy Manager
I was appointed as the webmaster of Sunshine Pharmacy, an online pharmacy based in Gisborne, New Zealand. This position involved updating the database every fortnight, optimising the website's layout, and promoting its SEO position on Google and other major search engines.
Tamatea Pharmacy
2010 - 2012
Community Pharmacist
I undertook my internship at Tamatea Pharmacy in Napier in 2011 and continued my employment as a pharmacist in 2012. As part of the daily running of the pharmacy, I was responsible for dispensing and checking prescriptions, counselling patients, giving health advice, helping patients to manage opioid addiction and blister-packaging medications. I was also involved in the Medicines Use Review programme, whereby I paid a visit to selected patients in residence to review their medications and answer any queries they had. The range of activities involved has developed me into an “all-rounder” pharmacist.
Andrew Spence Pharmacy
2012 - Present
Community Pharmacist
I have been working as a sole-charge pharmacist at Andrew Spence Pharmacy in Napier. Similar to my previous employment, I oversee the running of the pharmacy as a whole. My responsibilities involve counselling patients on new medications and ensuring understanding with present medicines, blister-packaging medications for patients where medicine-management difficulty arises, dispensing and checking prescriptions and providing health advice as required.


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Essential Skills


Life Skills

Problem Solving
Public Speaking
Sense of Humour
I see
I know something
Let me demonstrate




Road Cycling
Critical Thinking

What am I doing these days?

Working as a full-time pharmacist while finishing up my Graduate Diploma in IT. This semester I am studying IT Management and Special Topic Programming, with a focus on working with API's made available at Strava. During my downtime, I try to pump in 100km of cycling per week, do some light reading at CIO, apply Foundation to the new NZCRS website, and do some cooking.